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    I am on the Bell system in Canada. On a recent trip to the US I fully expected to pay roaming charges for data (rarely use the phone for voice)

    I used Excel with a macro and broke my usage stats since September in to 3 day chunks ( the lenght of time I would be in the States) I was in downtown Seattle so my signal would have been strong

    My average usage is between 3 and 4 megs a day. So I estimated the same for my usage while I was away.

    When my bill arrived, the 3 day usage total for my time away was 16 megs. I am trying to get to the bottom of this and have been through 3 levels of Bell support (supposedly to the data guys) No one is able to tell me why there was a significant jump. They did say that 1 meg of data in Canada would be 1 meg of data in the US.

    I say there is a problem. Can anyone shed some light on this for me. I am going to continue to pursue an answer. I have paid the bill so it less the money than getting to the reason (to my satisfaction) as to how this could happened.

    Any help appreciated,

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    Are you asking why instead of using a theoretical maximum of 12 MB's over 3 days, you used 16? A difference of 4 MB? The phone does tons of work in the background, and you never know what data is being transmitted. And really, a sample size that dates back to just September does not give you enough info.
    I would say this is just normal, and forget about it.
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    My error in the original post. I meant 3-4 meg for each 3 day period. So about a 13 meg difference.
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    13 megs could be explained by anything, really. An app going rouge in the background, more email that usual, an email with an attachment.
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    this is why i like sprint unlimited
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    Quote Originally Posted by k4mjk View Post
    this is why i like sprint unlimited
    Not unlimited in a different country
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    Quote Originally Posted by msilverton View Post
    My error in the original post. I meant 3-4 meg for each 3 day period. So about a 13 meg difference.
    That's really unfortunate. Out of curiosity, how much were you charged per MB?
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    $8 per meg. Like I said, the bill is not the issue. I just want to know why/how this happened. Would not SOMEONE in the system have the answer?

    I was less than satisifed with the response from the Bell people I talked with. I know what I did, what email I got, just want some explanation as to how the data could be so different frpm my normal use.

    For the future, I will only use WIFI connection.
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    Generally you don't want there to be anyone who
    can really answer that question. If there is, then it means
    they're tracking and logging every single data connection
    you make to the internet for months at a time and
    that sort of thing could easily be misused.

    Here's a question for ya. When it was data roaming in
    the US was it doing 3G roaming, or 1x roaming?
    I ask, because at 3G speeds, you could pull a few megs
    extra here or there, in literally only a few minutes.
    At 1x, it would take a long long time.

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    Good question. I do not remember, and I am not usre if that is identified in my usage stats. I'll take a look.

    You've got a point about the tracking.

    I guess I was naive about the roaming issue, I just thought with my usual use, it would be the same amount of data usage. I suppose that roaming may also be more data intensive.

    Any idea if there is a data logging tool for the pre that I could monitor with?

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    I'm not suggesting that roaming is inherently more data intensive.
    It is not.

    I'm saying that in most places in the Americas, you roam at only 1x
    and thus it would be very hard to accidentally go over your normal
    data usage patterns by much without knowing it. If you were roaming at
    3G speeds though, then the amount that you're over, is really not
    that significant. A lot of people here in the US use more than a 1GB of
    data (some 2-3GB) per month through their Pres with normal activity.


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