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    Odd thing happened the other day. My pre rang while on the charger and by the third ring the call was answered automatically. I could hear the person talking. I didn't even pick up the phone. This has happened twice since I bought the pre at launch
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    I believe there is an auto answer setting on the phone.... I think I just read it in my manual the other day.
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    that happen to me the other day.
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    This happend to me this morning - it was quite embarrasing. I sleeping in because I have a cold when one of my contractors called me. I vaugely remember hearing the silenced ring and a couple of "Hello?" 's as I was waking up. What he heard was the sound of my congested snoring!!!

    Pretty freaky!!

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    has anyone figured out how to disable this?
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    This has been happening to me as well. It doesn't always automatically answer. It was crazy to all of a sudden hear someone saying hello, hello. Hope someone comes up with a fix for this.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    I was thinking maybe if the vibrate is on and the magnets aren't fully aligned it might come off causing it answer... it's never happened to me so that's just a guess

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