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    well what do you sync your pre with in order to put it on music on it?? just want to know what everyone else use.
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    I just drag and drop my music files into the folder.
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    i still use itunes. i just havent updated itunes. still works.
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    When I open the pre folder on my pc, how come I can't see the music I've downloaded?
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    Quote Originally Posted by djcoronel View Post
    i still use itunes. i just havent updated itunes. still works.
    Same here. Besides I have so much space I don't feel the need to always change the music I have on my Pre, so it's not something I have to access all the time.
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    itunes.....for the playlists....
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    Synced with iTunes using Salling Media Sync (Mac) - removes the need for direct iTunes access for the Pre.
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    I don't put any music directly onto my pre... i use ampache and stream all my music from my home pc over wifi or evdo...
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    I use iTunes..I just don't update to the latest version. I drag & drop sometimes too.
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    I downgraded from iTunes 9.0.2 to 9.0.1, with WebOS 1.3.1. ITunes doesn't seem to see my Pre in Media Sync mode. Anyone know why?

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