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    how easy/hard is it to make an app for the palm pre? i have no computer programming skills. is there instructions or a guide to help you get started? i have a simple but cool and fun app idea, but i dont know what to do to or how to even get it start.

    any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    this may or may not help you, but maybe you can get in contact with someone who knows how and make a (legal) partnership of sorts.

    like you supply the idea and the majority of the cost and the dev brings the idea to life, if its a useful app, sell it on the app catalog and split the profits.

    either way good luck to you!
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    The way apps are written for WebOS makes them relatively easy to write, but it still requires you to understand software design and programming. If you have no experience, it would probably be quite difficult. Palm provides all the tools and a fairly simple tutorial (the "Hello world" app) on their developers web site. You could give that a try, but if you can't get that far then you should probably consider a partner with the right technical expertise.
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    thank you both, how do you go abouts to find a partnership?
    anyone know of a webOS for dummies book? gonna atleast try it first.
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    oddly enough yesterday i was looking into the hello world app, and i actually want to try to mess with this. i just finish a course in linux and i want to make a small ubuntu network all with virtual machines, and creating an app for the pre (hello world) would be a fun thing to do.
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    i would guess the best way to find a suitable partner is just to go and email devs.

    anyway, i hope it all works out for you!

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