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    So iv been looking to buy a gsm pre for a while, and today i found some at a nice price on ebay Palm Pre (Unlocked) GSM All you need is a SIM on (item 320409740750 end time 05-Dec-09 22:03:39 EST)
    NEW UNLOCKED PALM PRE - eBay (item 180440220900 end time Dec-31-09 18:29:19 PST)

    so thats about 600$ CAN for either one, but the thing is im really not good with phones and technology,,, so reading all the steps some of you have to go trought witht he german pre, i am wondering if i will be able to make it work. The sellers says it only needs a simcard and everything will work..., i have a fido simcard in canada, will this be ok? And what about the apps, and upgrade... i know theses are all noobs questions, but i just want to make sure i dont trow away 600$

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    if your in canada why not get it on contract?
    if your not good with tech, i suggest maybe giving it a seems easy, assuming nothing goes wrong

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