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    WiFi tethering IS working;I'm on it now. I have the paid version and the patch installed. The MyTether site is still up.

    My Tether

    To get the camera to work again, the patch must be removed,as has been pointed out. Simply turn OFF the slider at the top of MyTether, select Options at the bottom of the page and move the slider for WiFi Tethering Patch to OFF. A pop-up will appear asking:"Remove Patch for WiFi Tethering?" Select:"I Understand, Patch it!" Finally, you be asked to "Reset the device?" Select it and the Pre will restart;the camera will work again.
    To use Wifi tethering again you will need to reinstall the patch by turning ON the slider on the top of MyTether and selecting the patch from the Options menu at the bottom.
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    hi all, I have a 1.3.1 and the paid ver. of mytether. I always used bluetooth to connect my pre to the laptop but I don't see the 'bluetooth' option in mytether anymore... Am I missing something? :-/

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    I have done all of the above to no availe, I have installed the patch,removed it, removed mytether,Installed myteather. nothing works to get the camera working....
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    Just to make sure, have you shut down and restarted?

    I've never encountered your problem before, but would also suggest the webOS Repair Utility to check for and replace corrupted files.

    Good luck!
    I ♥ my Pre.
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    I haven't tethered with my pre yet, it looks as though most are having good luck with it. Just have to jump through a few hoops.
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    ok, this might 'seem' off topic but, does anyone know how to paste into the terminal app on the pre? I've tried the 'insert' which is 'gesture+0' but having no luck, besides I don't think insert and paste are the same thing...

    ok, ok... I'm trying to install mytether using the terminal... Yes I know I can just use an installer and all that, but I just wanna try this particular method...

    :-) thanx all.

    EDIT: oh, and by "how" I mean the specific keys and order to press, or maybe hold down, or what...

    thanx again...
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