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    Because I can not connect to the internet to use GPS,so i need a map offline, help me
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    why can you not connect to the internet? did you have your phone flashed to metro pcs or the likes?
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    I come from Viet Nam, here palm pre not compatible with mobile networks in my country. So, i only use GPS when Palm pre connect to the internet with wifi
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    Can everyone help me?
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    There isn't a standalone map application for webOS right now, at least not that I'm aware of. There are some applications that will allow you to get raw lat/lon in real-time. If you can get to the app catalog, you might try GoTo Lite. But it doesn't have a map.

    Are you running a GSM or CDMA Pre? I'm not familiar with the networks in Viet Nam.

    Also, I recommend you visit WebOS Internals (Main Page - WebOS Internals).
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