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    Ok so I looked and im pretty sure theres no independent app to do this but basically i want my school timetable on my pre's calander. I have a 2 week cycle (week a and week b.) So what would be the easiest way to put the two weeks on the calander and repeat it through out the year. Through google calander or on the pre itself? Or would there be an easier way to do this.
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    Definitely through google calendar.
    You can set events to repeat in google calendar.
    The just have it sync with your Pre.
    Same effect as doing it through the Pre's calendar app but much easier.
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    I too, find it easiest to enter mass appointments into google calendar then let them sync to the Pre.
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    *sigh* spent a few hours on google calander, pressed sync on the pre and nothing happened
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    Quote Originally Posted by kel101 View Post
    *sigh* spent a few hours on google calander, pressed sync on the pre and nothing happened
    When I first got my Pre it wasn't syncing with Google calendar correctly (only synced about 2 weeks' worth of events, and left the rest). The simple solution appears to be just to remove the Google account in the calendar app then re-add it...
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    there's an app called Class Tracker that automatically syncs with the Pres calendar. you could look into that.
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    Don't know why, but the first time I tried to sync an event from my Google calendar to my Pre it took forever. Literally 12 hours or so. But after that first time it syncs in seconds.

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