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    This is not a Pre bashing post. I love the Pre, but the hardware sucks. I have ordered a replacement because my power button stopped working. This will be my 4th Pre in less than 6 months. Can I demand that Sprint replace my phone with a different model? Is there a "lemon law" for cell phones? As I said, I love the Pre, but every time it breaks (through no fault of mine) it means 2 trips to the repair center, 3 or 4 days with out a properly working phone, and there is always some data loss when the phone is replaced. I use this phone for business and this is so inconvenient.

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    actually its palm that's obligated but sprint is obligated to carry it out for palm . And that replacement is only required to be a refurb.
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    I heard something about cell phone lemon law that after the 3rd refurb replacement...they're required (upon request of course) to send you a brand new phone. No refurbs.
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    You need to speak to Sprint and open a case with "Employees Helping Customers". This is the best way to ensure that you get your 3 strikes and a new unit. I used to have the number, but it's been a while, so I've lost it.
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    they are not obligated. They may do it, or have their own retentions policy buy as far as legally they are not required to do anything besides replace due to manufactures defect during the warrenty period and if authorized attempt to repair. In the pres case the do not repair...
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    if you live in Illinois there is a Lemon Law for cell phones, it was passed in 2007 (I think). Not sure about other states.
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    I'm on my 6th Pre and now need my 7th because this one now has the same problem as my 2nd Pre and gets stuck in "Headset Mode". I have to talk to everyone on Speaker phone and I'm done going to the store them come back two days later to pick it up then spending the rest of the evening updating the OS and then adding all my data back on. Not to mention I have to worry about all of my data being lost due to the Palm Profile problems with 1.3.1. I love WebOS but the hardware is complete junk. I'm calling retention today and if they do not give me a different model phone I will be canceling my two lines in January due to the change in fees which allows me to cancel without termination fees on either line. I'm curious if anyone has had any luck with getting a different model versus another refurbished or new Pre.

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