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    OK so this is a strange one - not a text message!

    when the screen is off, like the phone is still on but the screen is off - I get a message that appears on screen but it goes away before I can read it since the screen shuts off again

    the message is not a text message but it uses the same alert sound and it comes up in a gray box similar to the missed call message you get and it starts off like this " your phone is..." or " your phone has..." one of the 2 I cant tell since it goes away before I can see it and only happens when the phone screen is off

    how can I tell what this is about?
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    It's probably the "lossof data connection" notification. It happens.
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    it is a long message taking up 2 lines of space

    isnt there a way to read what this is after the fact. like a log or something - maybe I can turn on a logging thingie let me know
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    Yeah, still sounds like the message I mentioned above.
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    this has happened again today - I here the alert sound and when I look the screen is blank and no messages are there

    W-T-F! is going on here, how can I tell what this is all about?

    if it is the data message then why does it disappear in 5 sec or less, and how would I go about reading these after the fact

    oh yea and mods, putting *** for W-T-F without the - between each letter is stupid, this isnt a bad word its a acronym I know the mods are god in forums but this makes no sense when I can type W-T-F!
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    It is not a text message, it's an alert that you've lost data connectivity. You wouldn't expect to have a message you could view at your leisure for a dropped call, would you? Same thing. It's not available afterward because it doesn't matter after the fact. It only matters if you are using your data connection at the time that it alerts you, in which-case, you would be able to read it because it would be in your hands and presumably you would be viewing your screen. Really, it's not worth having a cow about.

    The other explanation would be that you might have audio alerts turned on for new e-mail messages.
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    yea its the data connectivity message - I happened to catch it when I was looking at the phone

    but still this happens 1 or 2 times a day and it is the same sound as my message alert - how can I change this sound only or make it silent

    it is stupid as hell that I cant check the message after the fact, it should go into a text file of some kind so I can see it latter

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