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    Doctoring fixed this issue for me.
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    Doctor fixed it for me as well. +1 for for the number notification in the text icon. Since this phone lags so bad when their are notifications displayed, it should be used in all icons like the iphone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by short_round View Post
    you should get a sidekick
    Last I looked, the Sidekick only let you have 100 text messages on the phone at once. I had a SK3 until I got the Pre, and it was so annoying to be limited to 100 text messages (with no threading). I liked the bigger keyboard of the SK better, though.
    My main reason for dumping the SK3 is I needed a phone with actual working email. The SK email service was so bad, especially after they disabled the 'fetch now' function.

    With regard to the actual issue being discussed, I haven't experienced it, but I'm a pretty low-volume text person.
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