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    I recently updated my Pre to 1.3.1 (UK model), since then I've added a few Apps (Accuweather, Flixster, Go To Lite, Preware, Dev Mode), through Preware I've added 'All day events in month view' Calendar mod., which (if any) of these types of Apps/Mods need to be uninstalled before I install the next WebOS update (1.40 ? or whatever comes) ? Thanks
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    You will need to uninstall patches. If you go into Preware, preferences: seperate by category. it will show all patches installed on your phone.
    - Dev Mode, all day events in month view calendar mod need to be uninstalled, they are pathces.
    + Preware, Accuweather, Flixster and Go To lite are all ok for updates.
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    As a precautionary measure, it is recommended to uninstall all patches and tweaks before installing a WebOS update. Homebrew apps should be fine to keep.

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