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    I currently have the Powersave cpu scaling 500mhz patch installed but I know there is another one called Powersave smartflex 500mhz patch I just don't know which one is better to have. If someone could point out the differences or there expierence, it would be much appreciated. Thanks

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    I think most people said the smartflex was more reliable, but i haven't tried either yet.

    Btw, you ought to change your title to at least mention which patches you're talking about, as in "Which power saving patch is better"
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    i am running smartreflex 600 and like it alot
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    SmartFlex is the most popular, I believe Scaling is more useful if the phone is more constantly in sleep and not doing anything so the CPU scales down to the lowest, while SmartFlex will alternate the Voltage use based on use, so it'll save in the between times you stop using the phone to the full extent.
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    I thought I saw some other posts that said to remove all power saving patches? And In preware, last I checked, it said they were obsolete, has something changed recently?
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    some people had bad stability problems and might have bricked their phones. i know at least a few had to go to the doctor. my patch went on perfectly smooth. i don't want to risk taking it off unless their is a webos update. i'm not worried about the extra heat (it does burn hotter when at full usage) because my launch day pre is showing other signs of stress (stress fractures into the screen) that will kill it first. evaluate your situation before you install the patch. it can be dangerous compared to the others. you should be safe if you know what you are doing.
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    Check this out. Patch webOS CPU Frequency or Voltage Scaling - WebOS Internals
    Your Pre may not be the same as everyone else's... Easy enough to use WOSQI to try one or the other with a couple of command lines. And that way if you have issues, a reboot is enough to get things back to normal (it's not permanent). Then you can choose.

    From what I have read here (and with my own testing of both), they both will save you battery power (at 500MHz) although I believe the slight edge is to the CPU scaling. However, you can get lag with that one (and sometimes choppy vid playback) because of the CPU scaling back up and how often it checks to see if it should scale down. The SmartReflex one seems more stable for more people.

    Overclocking (OK - debatable if it's really "overclocking" since the CPU is designed to handle it) to 600MHz will give you more speed (with either of the options). However, will up the battery drain and can cause some weird issues.

    My experience with my Pre is that the overclocking was nice, but had some minor issues, and both of the methods at 500MHz were fairly stable, but CPU scaling had some lagginess where SR was transparent.
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    I'm running 550 smartreflex, its just awesome

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