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    In the over 50 age group and sure would like to have the messaging app FONTS (IM AND EMAIL) show up larger. They do on my Palm 755p but can't find a palm way to change the fonts on Pre yet. Any suggestions appreciated.
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    Im not sure about Email but there are patches available for IM/Messaging which make the font size better. Thats if you're familiar with patches?
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    You can increase it by spreading your fingers apart on the screen.

    Put them together like you are pinching something, then touch the screen and open them up. You ahve to do this on each page you are looking at in web or e-mail but it works.
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    Just want the fonts bigger on IM an EMAILS, looks like I will need to find a third party patch for IM and Email. SOmeone said something about preware or Hombrew but could not find anything on there web sites. Understand how to make web sites larger with fingers. Thanks
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    you make emails bigger the dame was as websites

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