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    Below is a repost of a solution to fix your battery drain, plus the lag and drag many of us have experienced since the 1.3.1 update. This seems to have helped many and I thought it could use this repost. It really works!!

    A big thanks to those that started the conversation about battery life and how to possibly fix the 1.3.1 bug that hit some Pre's. I pieced together all the info and it works. I reset my PRL to 60657 and let my battery drain to under 10%. When the phone was fully charged thereafter, my battery performance is back to normal or even improved somewhat. And my phone is much more responsive.

    To see what your PRL is at, go to "device info" and click "more info" at the bottom. On the next page, scroll down and see what number your PRL has. Mine WAS 60654 but needed to be 60657(Sprint Pre only). In order to reset your phones PRL, open your phone dial pad and click on the Sprint dropdown (top left). Click Preferences and scroll down to Preferred Roaming List. Click "Update PRL". While I was there I also clicked "Update Network Settings". Once it's finished I did a phone reset (Orange key + SYM + R). When the phone comes back up, go back to "device info", click "more info" and check the PRL #. It should have reset to 60657. If it didn't reset, somebody suggested calling Sprint to reset your PRL.

    At this point I drained my phone battery to just about nothing and recharged. It's been working 100 times better in all ways since updating the PRL. Battery is back to solid performance, pages move quicker and snappier. 1.3.1 works so much better now that I found the solution. SOOOO HAPPY AGAIN!!! Thanks for the advice. Hope it works for you too!
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    I have done this....hasn't seemed to help the performance of my Pre and definitely didn't help the battery life.
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    I'm giving it a try. Why do you have to drain the battery? Thanks
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    I really cannot answer the why--it was just part of the puzzle I pieced together while researching this sites many helpful ideas.
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    Also, If you put your Pre under your pillow while you sleep the battery faerie will recharge your battery.


    These types of 'cure all' without some explanation seems to only snowball confusion. Updating the PRL will only assist those people with poor reception by keeping their Preferred Roaming List up to date thus allowing your phone to a signal easier instead of wasting battery juice searching for service.

    Depleting your battery to 10% is unnecessary but some say that 'breaking in' your battery after a certain number of full charges is needed to get the full potential of some batteries.
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    I tried this skeptically and I haven't noticed a difference. Congrats to those of you for whom it works.

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