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    I had the Pre 24 hours but tested a 1.3 unit for three weeks. All good and was impressed since moving from a 755P. I know I have work to do on contacts and horrible memo (hey I am huge catagorie user) transfer and studying how to do this slowly. In any case the Pre is my back up phone to play with for now while my 755P helps run my business.

    Can anyone tell me if a setting must be turned on-- since I cannot get any ringtones to pop up--only factory set Pre sounds. When I click ringtones--I get a circular notation like PRE is grinding away searching for file. Maybe file is missing or corrupted. Within an hour of having phone I upgraded immediatly to 1.3 but only have some google calender, email etc working on phone. I felt 1.3 had no effect on demo that was running 1.0 so why I upgraded. Nothing of importance on phone yet.

    Also any suggestions on making the FONT LARGER on PRE like can be done on 755P--need reading glasses. Thanks
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    So at the bottom of the ringtone selection screen you should see a Plus Icon, you click this and you can scroll through all your music, just select one and it's added to the ringtone page.

    To make Fonts larger there is a patch available in Preware, more information is available here:
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    Well I see the Plus Icon but the ringtones screen just grinds away with nothing happening. I guess I will call Palm support. No one else on forum saying anything about this so maybe just me.

    I went to Homebrew/Preware--could not find the Font app--what is it under--I looked under productivity. thanks
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    OK reboot fix ring tone issue, now now wallpaper will not stay on set up screen. Good old palm. Also have no idea how to get web pages out of landscape mode. Still figuring this out.

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