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    Hey all,

    My Pre has been a great little soldier since release week. Last night the Touchscreen just died. I couldn't hang up from a conference call without yanking the battery.

    I took it to the Sprint store and they couldn't get it running. They ordered me a refurb but it is going to take a few days to come in.

    Then the gesture area and about a half inch of the screen above the gesture area started working.

    In the meantime, I forced USB mode and pulled all my files to the PC. I then wiped the phone with WebOS Doctor hoping it would work again after. No luck. I am stuck choosing between English and Spanish. It also helped me remove access to the Exchange server at work from the phone before turning it in.

    I did some research and can't find much on this. Has anyone else had this? Were you able to fix it?

    I am not too upset about the replacement. I was starting to Oreo and if I closed the phone to quickly I reset.

    - Ken
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    Yep TONS of threads on this, it's not super common, but common enough. My 1st Pre died of this problem and I got a 'new" replacement, which was sweet, but this was before 1.3.1 and I was not able to mount it to get my files (and purchased music!) off the phone.
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    OP, please do a search. Search is your friend

    As already stated, plenty of threads on this topic. It's a HW issue. WebDR will do nothing for it. Just make sure that your refurb is of good quality (no phone reset when sliding keyboard shut/the battery compartment size issue, etc).
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    I did do searches. Apparently I didn't use the appropriate searches.

    That said, I did get the replacement and it feels a lot more solid than the old one. I worry this one might Oreo, but we'll see. So far I am very pleased.

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