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    I know everyone says to back up to Outlook or something else. I don't have Outlook (too cheap to put it on my computer).

    What is a good free back up and point me to the directions to do the back up.

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    Install Palm desktop, I can't post a link so just google palm desktop for the download location
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    I thought they said that Palm Desktop didn't work with the pre???? I coudl be wrong.

    I'll try that. I thought someone said google or something else was easier.
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    You can sync to Google, then export it to a file to play it extra safe. If you don't have a Google account, it is free, so it should fit your budget.
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    Google account?

    <----dumb person sitting here
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    Quote Originally Posted by cowgirlupkelly View Post
    Google account?

    <----dumb person sitting here
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    Hey thanks. I didn't even thing to put google account in my google tool bar. So nope it wasn't hard.
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    Thank you!

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