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    Hello everyone, im just searching for some help.

    I have some problems, first: after set up my pre with meta doctor 1.3.1, i can make calls but i cant create the palm profile, i tried to do it but nothing, im outside united states, so im doing it on wifi, but no susess.

    Second BIG problem: when i conect the usb cable to the pre it doesnt give me the options to just charge, usb hard drive or media transfer, for me thats so hard, since i cant find any solution, when i conect the usb cable the pre starts to charge without give me any option. Please help.
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    I haven't been able to get a Pre into USB mode until after the Profile setup section. If you haven't fully setup the profile, that may be why USB mode isn't available.

    If you can get into Device Info, and do a Partial Reset, that would be my advice. This shouldn't touch the data on the USB partition. This might allow you to get the Palm Account setup.
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    thanks for the info i will try it now
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    If you didn't figure it out. Run Device Info -> Reset Options -> Partial Reset.
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    wow dude that was a bad advice now im stuck on the profile screen again, so i will need to do the meta doctor method again , im not a spring user, im outside us, that can help someone on the us but not me.
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    You should be able to create a profile and if you can't then you need to contact your service provider or Palm to figure out what it wrong. It doesn't matter if you are in the US or not.

    On the other hand if you are trying to enable an unlocked GSM or something on an unsupported network, then all bets are off. The normal procedures don't apply to doing things a non-normal way. Doesn't make the advice bad.

    EDIT: Reading some of your past posts, it looks like you are trying to bypass carrier activation. In this case, you need to play with Meta, as you said. You would probably be good to read about bypassing carrier stuff over at

    You may NEVER get a Palm Profile created for this phone by not going through a supported carrier. I'm not sure what all Palm is checking before allowing a profile creation.

    I wonder if you can get someone to setup a profile and then let you take it over by using the website:
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    If you can get to the keypad try ##USBBYPASS# and make sure the USB port isnt in diag mode.

    i think that was the hashcode.
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    Not a solution and perhaps completely unrelated, but I had the problem you describe on a regular US Pre and it turned out to both be a bad port AND a bad cable. They replaced my Pre and all was fine after that.
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    If you have access to Linux, you can "lsusb" in the terminal with the Pre connected. If you see a Palm device, chances are the USB hardware is fine.

    Also try the Opt + Sym + U when connecting to see if you can enable USB mode, even if the button method is hidden.
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    i wil do the meta doctor again on a few hours and i will try ##USBBYPASS# to get the usb options enable. i think im on a unsoported network, what chances i have to do the activation, remember im gonna do the activation via wifi.
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    i use the meta doctor method again to bypass the activation, now seems to be working the usb function.
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    "mpt x"

    if you are having a problem with your usb not showing the option for usbmode/just charging, and your computer is trying to get you to install ethernet drivers and 2 other drivers:

    open terminal.
    type "mpt x" enter

    then it should disable whatever you messed up trying to install freetether/enable usb net/ usb passthrough.

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