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    ok, i at home in the same place i dont move too much and i randomly get dropped calls, I just hear a beep then my call ends, i am wondering if its the pre as a whole, or if its just my specific phone that has the problem? and the bigger question how do i fix it so it runs normally? Is it possible that my face could have hit the end call button?
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    I get the same thing. Seems to be worse after the 1.3.1 update. I would guestimate that 1 in 3 of my calls gets dropped - even in really great reception area's. Sometimes they are dropped right away, sometimes whilst halfway through a conversation.
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    I haven't had a single call drop from my Sprint network (on my end) however my husband's Verizon network dropps calls like every 4th one.
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    I was having issues last night. Miami...5 bars...every call dropped after a couple of minutes. Haven't made any calls today, but it's annoying, to say the least.
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    I have dropped calls all the time with mine. I have a very hard time picking up signals that are on Sprint's network as well. I would say I started roaming almost 75% of the time. This is kind of ridiculous because I did have a Treo WinMo phone before the Pre and I didn't have call drops or roam often at all.

    Now, my Pre's touchscreen crapped out yesterday and Sprint ordered a replacement for me. So I am curious if the problem persists after the replacement.

    My wife bought a Droid on Verizon and has had nothing but Excellent luck with it. I looked at the high-end Android phone from Sprint the other night. It looked great and was smoking fast. Much faster in response than the Pre. The problem is it doesn't run Android 2.0.

    I am seriously thinking of replacing the Pre around March when I am eligible for a replacement with a Droid phone.
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    No problems with dropped calls here, at least not yet. Had the phone since release in June.
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    If you go into your phone app and dial ##33284# you can see the phone's RX db signal. A field engineer told me that -90 and lower so -110(don't know the lowest) it is really marginal to weak signal quality. -70 to -89 is quite average to good quality. I would call it signal strength. I have had dropped calls inside the building and on the road. The engineer tested the signal db and received -70s outside the building. When in the building he is seeing -90 range. So that will be the problem. I am less than 0.5miles from 2 towers. a third tower is about 1+ mile away. Now he said there is nothing wrong with the tower. The concrete walls can degrade the signals. Sheet rock will drop the signal easily 2-3db. I am seeing slightly better signal on my Centro. The field engineer also carries a Pre. He also see call quality issues on his phone. The number of cellphones served by the cell tower can degrade the signals due to noise. I assume that is only true during rush hours.

    My other complain Pre's EVDO drops to 1x a lot. And he told me this is due to the Pre having to poll or check to EVDO signals more aggressively. Another tech I talked to on the phone told me that she sees my phone disconnecting from the tower and dropping to 1x. I hope Palm will make the changes if possible. A stronger antenna might help a little too.
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    My area isn't that great for signal (I routinely will show -110 or worse) and won't drop any calls so that is odd. Mine usually will drop if it gets worse than -122 though.

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