Yeah, I know the only Sprint phones that are Buy One, Get One free currently are the ancient Blackberry Curves. And that's more of a Verizon/Blackberry thing than anybody else when it comes to smartphones.

But now Verizon has thrown both the DROID phones into the mix for three days, and it's for NEW customers (hint, hint: They'd love to steal even more people from Sprint and T-Mobile). Granted, if you get a DROID, you can only get a Droid Eris free, but still...

This is probably just what they need to get to a million Droids sold before the year is out. Sales have been super explosive already, and this is clearly their attempt to put the cherry on top.

But before this thread gets thrown into Cross-Platform Chat, I think it'd be an awesome idea for Palm to copy. And they could just do it for a weekend or a week as well. But I think it should be open to new AND existing Sprint customers. The wildly varying prices (but invariably cheaper) for new customers don't seem to be making much a difference, and plenty of existing Sprint customers are looking for just a little extra push before settling on the Pre. I think it's a win-win.