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    So today I was texting a friend and tried to typr in the word "hate" and when I was through typing the word and spaced on to the next word the first letter of the word hate turned into the letter G . It was really weird try it yourself.
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    Works for me.
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    my pre lets me hate things. weird that urs is changing words
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    My Pre also does not change hate to gate. Are you running stock or have you patched the autocorrect function?
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    You obviously have the autocorrect dictionary installed. I do also. Just backspace once after an incorrect auto-correct and it will return you word to the original typed.

    Good luck with your new hate for things.
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    mine says hate. only one ive noticed it auto-correct is from "u" to "you"
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    or "r" to "are"
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    I "hate" fine...heh
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    i gate the way this thing works!!!
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    I hate fine too

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