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    I have just ordered a Palm Pre but I am really worried now because of all the negatives coming from this forum!! Everyone on here seems to be complaining about some sort of hardware, software issue!
    Can someone please create a post called "Great things about pre" so that all the outsiders can see what a really great device this is.
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    I understand what you're saying, as I had some reservations when I first started reading the postings on this forum. Lots of good stuff, but some discouraging stuff also.

    I can't say much about the Palm Pre, but I can say the Palm Pixi is a great phone (since I currently own one). The best part of it is the WebOS. Sure, there isn't 50,000 apps available like the iPhone, but there are some really useful apps already available.

    I think you'll be very happy when you get your Palm Pre. It might not be perfect, but then again nothing is!

    Palm Apps:

    jVault and jChecklist
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    well most of the stuff about people complaining is because they messed up their own phone ha ha . There a bunch of good threads you just have to search for them . And alot of the new post your seeing are people just learning how to add preware or patches and apps (homebrew) its just the nature on the forums . You could just start one yourself . You know like what's so good about the pre. And then you will see.
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    I cant even confirm yet, but I am a palm lover, since my first palm. I dont think it's the phone there are just a lot of tech issues. False advertising. If I get on I will let you know how it is. Dont give up yet.
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    Most people go to a forum to address issues they have with their product. Check any forum for any technology and there are typically more customers with problems than fan boys of the product.

    It's the nature of a forum that provides indirect product support. As with customer support help desks, every call is a problem.

    Pre/Pixi does have its share of unexpected issues but it also attracts a lot of ex-PalmOS users who are used to another platform and webOS is a very big change. It's not really a transition device, it's a whole new concept, so can be frustrating for those expecting a transition from PalmOS.
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    well i got mine yeasterday (coming from Touch Diamond) and it's without doubt the best phone i've ever had. The OS is so thoughtful.. I sat up all night just experienced this phone.. really impressive!
    There are hardware issues for some users - i have none (exept for some slight horisontical (0,5 mm) sliding - but i think this is a trade off: do you want easy sliding, i think this design is nessesary. The software issues are being worked at.. i have the impression that PALM is working all the time to improve the OS (see HTC - they do NOTHING!)

    Since i saw the very first presentation of the pre in January i wanted this phone, and now when i finally got it and am very pleased with it
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    I really enjoy my pre even when its acting up
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    I can add that - WE LOVE OUR PRE'S!!! Gmail works great, the calendar works fantastic, it takes great pics, texting is easy, google maps is an awesome app that has helped me out almost daily not to mention the GPS app. Universal search is sooo easy to use I forget to use it!
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    I love the Pre.
    It's web browser (probably its best attribute) just makes me smile.
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    We are just a nitpicky bunch. If its not perfect (and let's face it, it never will be), we will find something to gripe about. I believe everyone who owns a Pre or Pixi is generally happy, with the majority of happy customers NOT posting to this forum. You get a skewed perspective by reading only these forums. Get opinions from others and better yet, try one out yourself.

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    Most mfgrs do little in the eyes of consumers... That is why there is preware, and that is why there is xda forums...

    btw, I think the xda bunch are just about the best and most commited in the hacking scene... I'm almost switching to an HTC deviced just to ride the endless wave of updates (unofficial)
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    Don't worry about the negative-nancys. The Pre is not without it's faults, but nether is any other smartphone. Happy people just post less. I am very happy with my Pre, not to say that it hasn't frustrated me a few times.
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    I absolutely love my pre. I have had it since launch in the UK and the only issues I have are with Palms delay with global updates and being stuck on O2 for the next 2 years with their appalling 3G coverage (none at home). I'm a little worried about the so called Oreo effect, but only because everyone's talking about it in these forums.
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    I was almost bent over with fear reading all the dire statements about build quality, cloud updates, activation, APN settings, etc etc. But this Oct I went ahead and bought the German GSM Pre -- not only bought it but brought it all the way to Manila, far far away from the shop I'm supposed to return it to if there's a problem. Know what? there hasn't been any problem. The phone works, I get WiFi and 3G, my account backs up. Haven't regretted the decision -- knock on wood. The Pre is an impressive phone. It doesn't quite handle PIM as well as my old Treo 650 but I'm counting on Palm to release those updates that will address this and other issues
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    Would like to add to the 'I Love My Pre' posts here. Have it for about 6 weeks now and after returning 1st one (which as it turns out was not a fault but simply I left the protective sheet on and that makes sensor turn Pre off after phone calls! if only O2 staff actually realised then that was not a fault requiring exchange), been very pleased.

    Sure, am currently not understanding why Memo not opening or why Gmail Chat (which I love on my Pre) only working intermittently or why Yahoo chat not available as an option for me (despite 1.3.1 update) but hey, it's all part of my 'growing up with my Pre' which overall I still love and would not swap for any phone out there.

    For me, this is the pioneering WebOS phone and there will be some inherent hardward and software faults initially (eg Apps limit, soon to be history it seems!) but if Palm as a business makes it (and I think they will), many more (ie Pre 2!) will prove to be the industry standard (I hope anyway but am happy we are the underdogs yay!)
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    I agree with the thread starter that this forum/site is way too negative. I love my Pre and I want to come here but I find that as time goes on I'm slowlying being put off by how negative everything seems to be instead of constructive.

    As a person who came from AT&T and the iPhone my time with the Pre has been substantially more enjoyable, both because of the less strained network and higher 3G coverage area provided by Sprint, and by the flexibility of WebOS. My everyday tasks have become much more enjoyable, streaming internet radio while I browse the web or looking stuff up on google maps while I'm on the bus/train. The mutlitasking with WebOS is seriously fantastic, coupled with the notifications as well as synergy this platform being as young as it is, is simply amazing. I think a lot of you guys who're complaining instead making constructive criticism are losing sight that this platform is not even 6 months old yet. Keep stuff in prospective guys.. it's all about the big picture here. By the way, using Google Calendar, Google Contacts, and Facebook as well as the messanger services have been amazing. Palm has really done a good job and the only thing I can think of that'd be better is if Palm included a better tutorial on how to set this stuff up for novices who aren't high on technological knowledge.
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    Go to any phones section on xda develeopers or to the iphone forums on macrumors and you will find the same nonsense "I hate my xyz becasue it doesn't do abc" etc. The Pre is an excellent device - try it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by adesonic View Post
    Go to any phones section on xda develeopers or to the iphone forums on macrumors and you will find the same nonsense "I hate my xyz becasue it doesn't do abc" etc. The Pre is an excellent device - try it!
    I like my xyz because it doesn't do abc...
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    To reinforce my point, the first page of the iphone forum this morning has complaints about cracks in the iphone case, cracked screens, dropped calls (AT&T), annoyances about how iphine notifications work, battery life problems, SMS alert sound problems and poor repair services from Apple.

    The Leo (HTC HD2) forum first page on XDA has complaints about SMS message problems, camera problems, HTC Sense problems, reception problems....

    I am sure if I bothered to go to a blackberry forum I would find the same long list of moans about Blackberries.

    Point is, millions of people around the world have these devices and as somebody once said, "you can't please all of the people all of the time"
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    ditto with the pre love here!
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