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    My Palm Pre 30th Cake, tasted great!

    Picasa Web Albums - pattyinfa - Pats 30th Bir...
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    don't worry mate, i totally understand what you want to say. other than the most common issue-oreo, its a damn good phone i've ever had in my life! if palm pre has its improved version, not pixi, i mean the same look, i definitely will get one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pattyinfa View Post
    I have just ordered a Palm Pre but I am really worried now because of all the negatives coming from this forum!! Everyone on here seems to be complaining about some sort of hardware, software issue!
    Can someone please create a post called "Great things about pre" so that all the outsiders can see what a really great device this is.

    Add me to the "I love my Pre" clan . Most people who post on the forum usually do so because they have problems, unfortunately people wont post if everything is going great with their phone, call it an internet forum placebo effect =P. The ones with the problems usually bark the loudest.

    There are plenty a thread with people complimenting how great the Pre is too, you just have to look, and besides, the members on precentral represent a very small proportion of the total number of actual users.

    With regards to hardware/software issues, my Launch day pre is totally solid and robust, I dont have much confidence in the actual slider mechanism but with the right method of sliding open it works a treat, no oreo (wiggle) whatsoever.

    Software wise its been great, its really changed the way i use my phone. I now do around 30% of all my internet surfing on my Pre, its really that simple to use, i cant imagine using a phone without gestures, its so damn natural, i was playing around with my iPod touch yesterday (after a long while) and i actually found myself performing back gestures . After using the Pre you'll find most other mobile phone UI's clunky, you will not be able to go back.

    You wont regret the Pre i assure you, but if youre looking for a gaming device turn away right now, its not for you, well, not until GPU is enabled which hopefully should be in the foreseeable future.

    However if you do have any problems with your pre, or anything you would simply like to ask, feel free to post and our friendly Precentral community will be more than happy to help you
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    Don't be afraid to make up your own mind based on your own experience with the pre. I have a pre and I like it well enough
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