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    Installed patch on 1.3.1 but I still get dropped/failed call annoying alert. I removed patch and reinstalled via preware.

    For some reason searching through forums isn't working for me here at work. So sorry for asking without searching first.

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    anyone? I hate these alerts!!!
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    Doesn't work for me either. Had it installed and yesterday was the first day that I had an incident where one of these alerts would have played. Waiting patiently for the developer.
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    What issues are happening with the patch? I haven't had any problems with it.
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    It installs fine. I removed it, reinstalled it, but I still get notified that a call dropped, or failed. Veyr annoying
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    I hardly get dropped calls. I modified the wrong line when I tried to fix it. I have updated the Preware patch. I will also attach it here to fix that issue. I rarely get the dropped call, I have an Airrave at home. Let me know if this fixes the problem for you. I will also attach it here.

    Most people email me when they had problems with a patch I worked on. No emails so I assumed everything was working fine. Thanks for catching my error.
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