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    I've finally gotten used to the WebOS interface and I must say it's very efficient. I happen to love universal search and prefer it more than the launcher.

    My question though is do you think palm believes the performance of WebOS is "acceptable" and a low priority at this point in time.?

    It appears the main focus is building the app development community.
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    I think if it was a priority, it would have been done by now.
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    I think it's one of those things planned to be a side-effect of other development. For instance, if an efficient driver is produced for the GPU for use with Flash (and hopefully WebGL), animations would probably be placed onto the graphics card instead which would enable Graphics for the SDK and make the whole OS 'snappier'.
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    A Palm buddy of mine said that performance is one of their key focuses right now, so don't worry.
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    yes but first they need the gpu up and running ,and thats not as easy as you may think
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    I don't know what you mean by snappy. What have you used in the past?

    Snappy is not just CPU cycles. It's also receiving a pushed email and creating an event or task out of it on the spot without opening another app. Being able to operate and execute common tasks directly from the keyboard without thinking about the launcher and finding apps. The Pre has some of this but it has ways to go.

    There are different navigation schemes. On the Pre, we have the card view which is designed for touch and is inefficient. Contrast it with starting to type, universal search, which you discovered is quite efficient. In older systems, Palm OS, BB, and WM, the keyboard drove almost anything you wanted to do. I'd like to see more of this in webOS. Touch is not a great development, in my opinion.

    Snappiness can come from a few sources. The CPU, GPU but most importantly underlying software. The card view is animated natively, and gives the Pre its fluidity. But within apps, animation is performed by JavaScript, which is not native. Palm still decided to do it, and I think it was a mistake. Animating the calendar or drop down menus is totally different than animating cards, I don't think the consistency was worth the performance degradation. In the old days, Palm would have chosen not to use animations, because efficiency (and as a consequence, battery life and cheaper hardware) was its top most concern.

    Aside from those, the memory issues plaguing the Pre ("too many cards") and the lags are a consequence of the way all apps are executed in a single process. This was the quickest and simplest way to get this up and running, but it's the most important performance limitation for Palm to solve. Even without the GPU, re-architecting this would make the Pre much more pleasant to use.
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