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    Just started today. Phone takes forever to connect and when it does you can't hear anything out the ear. I've been trying to check my voicemail forever and it connects to it but I hear nothing. Anyone had this? Any resolution? It's real frustrating. When people call me, the calls come through but I can't hear anything.
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    I ran into this a couple of times. My pre thought that there were headphones or a wired headset plugged into the phone. If you put the phone in speaker mode, you should be able to hear phone calls.

    I would try turning the phone off and then back on and see what happens. If that doesnt work, try to plug and unplug some head phone a couple of times.

    The first time I had this happen, I took the phone back to Sprint and had it replaced.

    The second time I ran the WebOS doctor on the phone (I was trying to resolve some theme and patching issues too) and it fixed it.

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