After deleting and re-creating the account multiple times, including webdoctoring the device, I still have the problem that my mobileme mail won't be fetched. Instead the spinning email number would spin forever (whenever I visit the inbox folder of that mobileme account the spinner still is spinning).

The first sync (on account creation) however works fine, fetches the mail in the inbox, but subsequent mail checking will fail.

Anyone with the same problem, solution even?

It worked before 1.3.1, but now it's a pain. And Palm really looks like the old Palm. I really like several aspects (well copied, improved, unique ones) of the phone and OS over my iPhone's ones, but that company proves to be as unprofessional as before. If anything, Apple really made their homework when it comes to professional quality. Never thought they would get there, but they did. Palm OTOH is still acting like it was the 90s.