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    Hi all,

    I have a situation where I believe that my hardware has been corrupt since I purchased my Pre back in July. I had issues with the phone performing a Luna restart at intermittent times. It was always few and far between so I didn't really pay it any mind, however it is happening more often now. My problem is that I have a very small crack in my screen that kinda looks like a speck of dirt under my screen protector. I was wondering if I would have to now do a warranty exchange and pay the deductable or will they just swap it out in store?

    Thanks in advance for your replies
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    If you have TEP on the phone, they will likely swap it out without deductible, if you can get it swapped on the rebooting thing. I would NOT point out the small crack. If the Sprint store can replicate, they have taken care of me.

    It is always good to go to the corporate store where repairs are done. They have techs there that can look at the phone. While Palm doesn't allow them to fix it, they need a Tech to verify that there is a problem.
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    Thanks sacherjj,

    I do have TEP, but my only worry is that it won't happen when I am the store. I have noticed, which I forgot to mention in my previous post, that before it restarts I get a "Too Many Cards" error when there is only 1 card open and the phone runs a bit slow.

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