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    I think I've got a lemon.

    There have been a plethora of minor issues. But some that stand out:

    Months ago my phone would turn off when I closed the phone. But I managed to fix that with a tip given here on Pre Central.

    The other day I had my phone in my front pocket, and I became suddenly aware of how hot the phone had become. I took it out of my pocket and it was burning up. So I simply turned it off for half an hour.

    Just now I was on the phone with someone. My phone cut off half of the words that my landlord was saying, and the audible words that did come through sounded robotic, as if they were being spoken through a voice changer. This went on for up to a minute.

    Any tips? Has anyone experienced similar issues? Thank you in advance.
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    The first issue you mentioned was a build issue with the first couple months of the manufactured product.

    The Second issue is common when some program begins to over-tax the CPU because of one reason or another. Some Homebrew apps have this problem and will cause problems with the phone overheating even after they've been closed, a reset will normally fix these problems.

    And the final problem sounds like a problem with Sprint/your cell phone company and their reception going. I typically got similar experiences every once and a while from my old phone, and sometimes is a result of the other person's service as well. If it never goes away then I would expect the phone, but if you hang up and try again it was probably someone's service.

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