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    K who can help me out with getting google voice ????

    do i need to be invited or something? can someone invite me ?
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    there are 2 ways...

    1) You can be invited from a current beta tester. I got my from here. A member of our forums who had a few extras. Maybe some have it. They may even reply!

    2) You can go to the Google voice home page and sign up and hope you get in...

    Click "Request an Invite"

    Hope this helps!

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    I do wonder why they do this invite stuff? will it eventually be given to everyone else in due time?
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    Only took a day to receive an invite last time. It's not that big a deal.
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    If you need an invite, PM me your email address and i'll send you one.

    **UPDATE** just sent all three of mine out
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    Don't see the point in starting another thread about this, so if anyone would like to trade a voice invite for a wave account let me know..have plenty to go around if anyone else would like one.

    edit: Sorry, OP..didn't mean to thread-jack ya.
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    I would love a google voice invite. Is there anybody out there that might have an extra invite left that might be able to help a fellow forum member have?

    I went to google voice and requested an invite and nothing has been sent as of yet. If I do receive the invites from google I will then pass some along on the forum to others that are in need of google voice invites.

    P.S. If you have a google voice invite and are willing to pass one along please message me, thanx!

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