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    Ok a month ago I finally got into homebrew apps/patches (pre webOS 1.3.0) and I applied quite a few patches, apps, and themes... yeah I went nuts.

    When it was time to upgrade to webOS 1.3.0, I uninstalled all the patches (or so i thought they were all uninstalled via Quick WebOS installer. After I updated to webOS 1.3.0 I noticed that there were some hiccups where people have noted faster responses ie. the loading of camera and photos and music.. Then i started noticing other apps slowing down too and also noticed that the LED notification patch even though it was removed was still blinking when I got a txt or appointment notification.

    So I decided to do a partial re-boot, which brought back my pre to it's pre-stine condition. To my surprise most of my installed Palm App returned... some did not (AccuRadio, M:Mafia I miss u the most, I'm in Canada, I no longer see U in the store. I got M:Mafia back from File coaster after I re-installed it, but no more AccuRadio anywhere)

    Anyways, onwards to the oddities:

    1. Watching YouTube vids, sometimes my Palm will just reboot itself. No idea why. I have Developer Mode turned on, I turned this off and observe if that was the problem.

    2. When looking for updates, I still see apps getting updates even though I no longer have them in my Pre. Like Photo Dialer, M:craigslist, and InfoPedia.

    Other than that i have not seen anything else weird. Should I do a full reboot? or just leave it as is.. #2 doesn't really bother me much. (I'm thinking no)

    Have you guys seen these 2 issues before and know hot to resolve with out doing a full reboot?
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    Sometimes a doctor is the best method to just start clean. Sure it takes a lil bit longer, but it's worth it to have a fresh clean install of the phone. Back up all your media (anything you see while in USB mode) and make sure you have all your contacts backed up.

    WebOS Dr is sweet and there is a 1.3 version available now.
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    yeah I may just have to do that... For now I'm staying away from Patches and Themes because I am not confident that they're fully getting deleted.

    Do i have to uninstall homebrew apps too? I guess I should eh? As they may not work with the new WebOS version.

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