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    I am trying to go to the actual site Welcome to Facebook | Facebook just like I can on my pc... How do I do that??? All I seem to be able to get is the mobile site on my pre! I want to change some settings & other stuff around... I tried the link in google, universal search and all that! What gives???
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    I've typed in and it brings me to an error page, but the error page is on the normal site, so I can access the login and home features and use the normal site.

    Hope this helps!
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    THX! I left off the the .html and it worked!
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    The address you want to type in is:

    That will get you to the home page of the full version site.
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    cool, thx 2 you 2!
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    You may also want to try

    It loads much faster and is easier to use on the phone

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