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    Well a few days ago I dropped my Pre from about four feet up onto a marble floor and I quickly picked it up. When I looked closer to observe it I noticed that a chunk of plastic chipped off.. I attach a crude photo of what came off... its a clean chunk and i can see a ribbon on the inside of the pre... there is also a crack under the surface that i can see when holding it to the light. I have insurance on my phone. do you think this is replaceable. I'm afraid this new opening may emit more cellular radiation
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    r u serious about the radiation? if you are there is no chance. The caseing of the phone does nothing to contain radiation from the radio. Also the antena is the yellow lines you see on the back of the phone going around the battery compartment. Feel free to take the cover off make a phone call and lick them. it wont do anything.
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    lol I was just kidding bout that, but in all seriousness the crack is so annoying :-( and I', pretty sure it'll fill up with dust in no time
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    Don't panic!
    I am quite convinced that kind of crack won't have any effect in radiation levels.
    Plastics in general play no role in radio frequencies.
    Situation would be different if there were a shield coating. In the casing, there the crack is I can't see such coating. Any shielding I can see is composed of metal foil furher inside and even that is made only for protecting Pre's "brain" against Pre's radio modem's electromagnetic fields.

    Btw, I dropped my Pre, too. On the wooden floor, though. Made of pine tree, to be exact. It made the display and keyboard halves not so tightly coupled. There is a small slack movement between them but the phone works just fine, like before. It annoys me but I will survive!
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    My gf has a chip from dropping hers as well haha. It annoys her esp. since her phone has an oreo twist but now shes afraid she can't exchange it because its chipped.
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    wierd ive droped mine a lot and it didnt chip. Guess im lucky.
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    Mine droped on the cement after the "phone on your lap and u get out the car routine" Never Fails.. The day before my case came grrrr... I mean U can pay 100 for a whole new phone or just simply put a case on

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