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    I love my Pre and I have no intention of giving it up. However, I'd REALLY love some birding app love for it. I know I'm part of a very small group of Pre owners who are birders and tech geeks.

    Just saw this article with Ken Kaufman and I may be forced to get an ipod touch so my inner geek and my love of birding can be one again

    BirdsEye: Interview with Kenn Kaufman - Field of View - Birder's World Magazine

    This post is a little tongue in cheek, but seriously, ipod has 3 birding apps that I know of. Some other platforms besides them need some birding love.

    Chuq, I know you're with me on this one!
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    What would a birding app do? Upload pictures to birding websites? Maintain lists of birds observed? Have some sort of mobile Petersen's field guide?
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    Something like hand-held birds or iBird would be great along with the link for the new app. I personally would like a digital field guide that also allowed me to keep lists and notes while in the field. If it would auto upload into e-bird that would be even better!

    PS......Petersen is great, but I prefer Nat Geo....I REALLY like Sibley, but too big to be toting in the field.
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    You may want to approach the developers of those apps.

    I imagine the Pre would have no problem doing those apps....but then again, I'd also imagine the amount of WebOS users who would be interested in that are low which may discourage the developer.
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    My best hope is Chuq. He's both a developer for Pre and a birder. I'm hoping he'll come through sooner rather than later
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    I second the vote for birding apps!!

    Please drop by my birding forums:
    The Hummingbird Forum
    Feathered Friends Forum
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    I would buy this app.
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    it never hurts to contact the publisher/developer and express an interest in having the app on webOS. I will, definitely. Another one to consider is iBird iBird - Field Guide to Birds for the iPhone and yes, it's on my list to contact them as well. I've also been thinking through some kind of open source resource, but I'm not yet ready to talk about it in any detail (maybe january after the holidays?) that would include mobile clients as well.

    The really nice plus of this new app is talking to eBird. That really makes this interesting to me.
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    Add me to the list of purchasers of this app!
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    That was the nice thing about Handheld Birds as well. You just synced your Palm to the computer and it would upload straight to ebird. I think the new app looks great and think something similar for the Pre would be fantastic
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    Has anyone tried running the National Geographic Handheld Birds on the Pre using the Classic Emulation software by MotionApps? This is one piece of software that will keep me on my Palm Treo instead of moving to the Palm Pre. I sure would like to know if anyone has been successful in getting it going on the Palm Pre.
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    I don't see how this would work. If I remember correctly handheld birds requires a sd or micro sd card, at least it did on my tungsten.
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    I am not a hardcore birder, but i do get made fun of by my 6 yr old for keeping the binoculars and field guides by the backdoor so I can check out all the "winter Texas" passing thru this time of year. So, yeah, I'd buy this app.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thekarens View Post
    I don't see how this would work. If I remember correctly handheld birds requires a sd or micro sd card, at least it did on my tungsten.
    The Classic emulator says it also emulates the SD card for those applications that rely on info being on a SD card. So in theory you could copy the data from the SD card into the Pre's internal memory and the emulator would handle the program accessing that data as an emulated SD Card.
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    I believe there's a protection on that card so you wouldn't be able to make a workable copy on the computer or elsewhere. I could be wrong, but I seem to remember something about that. They don't or didn't want you sharing the program.
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    I would like to learn more about birding, so I would probably go for this kind of app.

    But I'm still waiting for my genealogy app. Anybody?
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    I work as a park ranger, and having applications like this that I could use at work would be valuable to me.

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