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    Hi all

    I want to login to a web page which is obviously using Microsoft ASP:

    Go to www dot ricardo dot ch (sorry, I'm blocked to post the url here), tap on "My ricardo" at the top (you might have to zoom in to see it).

    Then an error message appears saying there is no handler for VerifID.asp (tap on the error message).

    This page works on all other browsers I use (Firefox, IE, iPhone). Why not on the Pre? It is absolutely crucial for me and I will return my Pre in the case that I wont be able to use it.

    Regards and thank you very much for you help

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    Will the iphone spoof fool it? Is it automatically deferijg to a different page when the iphone logs in or does iphone read .asp pages?
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    Since ASP is a server-side scripting language, your issue likely has nothing to do with ASP itself. The page may be calling for some kind of plugin or ActiveX control to be executed which the Pre's browser does not support (someone correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think any mobile browsers support that kind of thing right now).
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    Weird. For some reason, it doesn't recognize VerifID.asp as a web page, but instead downloads it and saves it to /media/internal/downloads. My guess is that there's something a little odd about the link and the Pre browser is confused by it.
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    Looks like it is not returning HTML but providing the asp file. Sounds like a server side issue. Did you try other asp sites? Like M$ pages?
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    did you already try iphone dot ricardo dot ch? (can't post links either)
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    The problem is with the content type. Most webpages present themselves as "text/html". That particular page, for whatever reason, is presenting itself as "text/HTML" (notice the upper case). The Pre's browser downloads any file it doesn't recognize as renderable. Apparently the comparison is case-sensitive. I'd recommended filing a bug report with Palm, it should be a very easy fix. It may even be fixable with a patch.
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    Wow, thanks. I'll file a bug report to palm as well as to ricardo regarding the case sensitivity.

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    Hi all

    The problem was already solved by ricardo upon my bug report. It was the uppercase problem that dallashigh described. It works like a charm now.

    Thanks again for your answers!


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