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    I need the help of some non-US pre users to test a feature in my application. Specifically, it will let me release a Lite version to other countries that has a bit more flexibility until Paid apps comes to you guys.

    Please email me at . I need to test the Lite version for you guys. As compensation, I'll throw in a free copy of the Paid app for you to use as long as you like.

    * Be in any country other than the U.S. and U.S. Territories
    * Have a Pre or Pixi
    * Know how to enable Developer Mode
    * Know how to install apps using webOS Quick Install

    That's it. I'll email you an IPK, you install, check the 'upgrade' button, and report back to me what you get. 5 minutes tops. Limited # of spaces, so first come first serve.
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    This has been closed -- FlashCards Lite will soon be available to everyone. Thank you for all who responded and helped me test this.

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