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    When you do a backup, what data gets backed-up?...and how would one retreive it?

    I'm wondering if it is just things like my contacts, or if it goes further, like having my ID's linked to the games I play (quest, Mafia, etc.)?

    If I reset my phone to factory settings, would I be able to retrieve all of this stuff?
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    It's Contacts, Apps, Some settings, Cookies, just the reasonably important yet small stuff.

    When you turned on your phone for the first time and created a Palm Profile, that's where your backups have gone, so if you Dr. your phone or get a new one and log in it'll restore it all. (Or is supposed to)
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    whatever you do dont hit the back up button after you reset the phone to factory . you have to sign in to your profile after a hard reset like that if you hit the back up button with out signing in to your profile first it will back up your phone right then while there is nothing on it lol. your phone automatically signes you into your profile once all data has been wiped clean. i would suggest using the webos doctor of course to do this because it does not currently wipe away pictures and stuff like that but it will wipe out most everything else but then its supposed to sink to the cloud which has been hit or miss as of late so you might want to back up your conntacts some other way
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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