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    Quote Originally Posted by spudland View Post
    NO! God no! No fricken trac ball! That's one more reason why I love this phone....can't stand moving around with a trac ball! Hate the Blackberry...hate the HTC...somebody shoot me already!
    Not necessary! You have a pre, no shooting allowed ;-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by prejune View Post
    they should make it a optional button. almost every command you can do on the phone like opening a certain app or use it for the camera, phone, or whatever can be launched for it. hold the button down for x amount of seconds and it opens the menu for it where any command can be inputted for it. if it is even possible, it can be used for up to x amount of button presses to shortcut as many apps or phone options. for example, push it once for phone, twice for camera, three times for pandora, etc. it should be another way to make the pre more customizeable.
    Great idea. Certainly the simplest way to satisfy the most customers.
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    LED notifications is the best!
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    Quote Originally Posted by techiechick View Post
    But it should have been a trackball! Like the Hero.....
    I agree Tina, they have already devoted the real estate to it, why not?

    If I look at applications on my Centro and compare them to applications on my Pre, one thing is very obvious, you can put more stuff on the screen of the Centro, so you can see more information without scrolling, or get more functionality without scrolling.

    The reason for this is two fold, one a stylus works on the Centro so you can have pin point accuracy when selecting something to either see or take action with, not having to rely on your big fat (comparatively) finger (now I DON'T want to go back to a stylus, mind you, just saying )

    The other is that surrounding the center button of the Centro are those nice navigation buttons allowing you to move around the screen using a single hand with the phone resting in your palm (they are called "Palm" for a reason ) and your thumb moving around the screen and center button operation with your thumb.

    If the Pre just took the space already devoted to a button and turned it into a trackball/button combo, applications could take advantage of that fact and not rely only on the touch screen for interaction. There could be more data displayed on the screen and we could return to true 1 hand "in your palm with thumb navigation and function" ability for much of the use of the phone.

    As it is now, though I really like my Pre, I do have to acknowledge that moving from my Centro to my Pre, I did leave behind one hand operation for not all but manny of the applications and function. I have to hold it in one hand and punch the screen with the other with lots of different apps. Can't do that and hold a cup of joe at the same time!

    A trackball/button combo would be very cool I think.

    ps. Thanks kcw and Garrett92C for the orange button/move around text entry screen functionality, I did not know that! But then again, a trackball/button combo would allow to do that with one hand again!
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