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    Ok now that we see the gameboy emulator on the pre which is awesome but still needs work but what if they made the gbemu that not only doesn't let you just play using the keyboard but also controls on the screen?(Which is likely cuz if they could do it on the instinct I'm sure they can do much better on the pre) And also find away to download the roms online using the Pre so you could play any gb game on the go? Call me a dreamer but I'm sure that's possible. And I'm sure alot of us would kindly donate for an app like that.
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    I really doubt they'll could some type of pipe directly into the software due to legal crap. Sites tend to stay out of trouble by not referring nor hosting any roms.

    As for touch screen buttons, I agree, it would fit nicely in that region that the vid show as yellow poo.

    Either way, I surprised how fast stuff is coming out/ported to the pre...yay

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