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    I accidentally had installed 2 themes at once and when I removed both of them, The one stuck. Its not on my phone but the icons stayed like that. I guess what I want is to either restore to factory or if someone knows how to help me out!

    I had 'buuf' and 'black' at the same time and the icons from 'black' are still on there
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    I was reading about the webos doctor but im kinda scared to use it
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    Instead, try web OS repair utility. It allows you to replace the image files without having to delete everything off the phone. Also great for nixing patches.
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    here try this first its easy just hook up your phone and download this app webos repair utility and read through the thread a little to learn how to use . just message me if you need anything else
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    I figure my *******ery and the solution to it will help someone at some point, so here goes...

    --I had the Sticker theme installed on my 1.3.1 Sprint Pre (using Preware).

    --Playing with webOS Quick Install, I installed the Buuf theme over it without removing Sticker first. Everything was fine until I went to remove Buuf to get ready for 1.3.5...

    --Buuf uninstalled fine, but I was left with Sticker as my default theme.

    --Two passes with the webOS Repair Utility reset a bunch of files, but didn't reset my theme which was still Sticker.

    --Finally, I installed Sticker again using Preware and then removed it, which finally reset my theme to the stock one.

    No clue why webOS Repair Utility didn't work, but this is how I fixed my two themes issue. Moral of the story: Don't install non-stock themes over each other!!
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    I just installed the simple black texture theme and now my slide to unlock button is gone. I have to open the phone in order to unlock the phone.

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