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    It's kind of irritating to go through the reviews and people give it 0, 1, or 2 stars with having no validity. Some give it 0 stars because they couldn't even download it. Why should they even be able to review something they didn't even pay for? This has to be hurting some of of the apps. I dunno. What do you think?
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    Reviews by people who are not experts, therefore maybe flawed. If you want reviews by experts then there should be an expert app that charges you $2 to give their review, before you buy a $2 application. Sorry for being a little sarcastic tonight, or was it my cynicism? I am flawed and heading to buy an app and give a review.
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    Or reviews complaining about lack of features that are there if they would update the app on their device. Yeah, devs are annoyed by it as well.
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    I agree, it's a bit annoying. However, if Palm had to pay a moderator to "clean up" the reviews, the apps would cost much more and/or the devs would get much less. Just have to weed thru and cross your fingers.

    The best thing a developer can do to promote their app is to have a detailed web site with information about the application, screen shots, video, and hopefully documentation. Those are MUCH better than two-bit reviewers.
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    They could easily (and should) add something like on Amazon. Thumbs up if this review is helpful to you, thumbs down if it isn't. And instead of showing the most recent reviews, it could have an option for most helpful reviews.
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    Coming from the iPhone, this is nothing new. While including something like a thumbs up/down feature is a good idea for amazon, I'm not sure how well that would work on a mobile platform. I'm looking at it from a UI standpoint, you may create too much clutter with it. Though if they kept it real simple, that would be great.

    I hardly ever read reviews, nor does my Dad on his iPod Touch. We both just go off of the rating out of 5 Stars and the number of users who rated it.

    If 1,000 people gave it an average of 4/5, it must be good. Plus rating something like that is so much quicker and easier than writing a review anyway.
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    Yeah what bothers me is that reviewers buy the app and like it, but rate it down to pressure the dev on prices.
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