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    Hey, guys, I was hoping someone could lend me some guru insight as I wasn't having any luck searching the forums on this. I've been having what acts like a YouTube "bandwidth" issue, and I've been unsuccessful in troubleshooting it myself. Here are the specifics:

    YouTube will load extremely slow, probably at a ratio of about 1 second of video for every ten seconds spent waiting. This doesn't happen constantly, however. I can be sitting at my desk and play a YouTube video just fine (for a few times in a row), but if I click to play it again, it will suddenly decide it doesn't like loading quickly and will give me the 1 to 10 ratio again.

    I don't suspect that it's anything related to having the app open for too long, as this can also happen if all cards are closed and I just go in, open YouTube, and try to play a video.

    Other apps seem totally unaffected by this. Web pages load quickly, Pandora starts up and begins to play music in a fast amount of time, and earlier today I installed the Facebook App from the App Store, a 4.5 megabyte file that downloaded and installed in all of about ten seconds. After the speedy app installation, I immediately tried to play a YouTube video a friend had posted, but experienced the same awful load speed.

    The only fix I can say works with some consistency is that after a fresh boot up (which is often since my Pre randomly dies on me) it will offer me at least a few videos at the normal speedy load before it goes back to being slow.

    As one final point I'll also mention that while using MyTether, I was able to go to on my PC and load/play YouTube videos fine through there. (just feels like it's mocking me at this point)

    So any thoughts/suggestions on this one? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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    It could be a problem with leaving apps open for too long, if they have memory leaks. If a fresh reboot fixes it, then it certainly could be memory leaks.

    I haven't had issues with YouTube, but I open it for a video and then close it. Installing JSTop will allow you to see how many handles each app is using. This would help you trouble shoot a problem app when your Pre is running slow.
    Your Pre wants Word Whirl from the App Catalog.

    It told me.
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    My wife's pre does the same thing, youtube wont load, my pre works fine.
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    youtube takes a buttload to load up a vid for me
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    Strange, My phone loads quick, but my wife has been complaining for a while now (i just tested it) and noticed her youtube loads the list page fine, but videos wont stream, same with the Sprint TV, any ideas?

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