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    Quote Originally Posted by dandbj13 View Post
    Perhaps Palm should put that on their website and TV ads just to make sure the uninformed saps know exactly what they are getting into.
    Yep, just like GM and Chrysler are doing with everything they build.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kbritt31 View Post
    then take it in and get a new one, or buy another phone. I don't understand why people act like the pre is such an investment for them when it seems to me people on this forum go through phones (and providers) like candy. Going from the Hero to the Pre and back to the iPhone like turning the pages of a book.
    Yeah, you go away from the forum for like two months and come back to find the same guys who have been on here whining ever since the phone came out.

    You'd think by now they would've saved up enough allowance to buy another phone.
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    I am surprised people on here are still comparing the Pre to a 3 year old phone and what it could do when it first came out.
    People care about what a phone can do NOW.
    So when picking a phone, we must compare Pre, iPhone 3gs, BB Storm 1 & 2, Hero, DROID, Eris, and many others.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jovanny27 View Post
    everybody were beetching and complaining, this and that.. now they all seems to be happy on their 3rd phone.. samething is happening with the pre right now.. its a baby still, let it grow up and mature....

    thanks for reading !!
    Too bad it's not 2007 anymore. The Pre needs to compete with its peers right now, which happens to include iPhone OS 3.0.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Version_3 View Post
    Thank you.

    There are many times where people here ***** about the app store. The first iPhone didn't even have an app store right away. What was Apple's response to app requests? "Use web-based apps".
    Which is why it's a pity Palm did not learn from Apple's mistake, and Apple's eventual blockbuster success with native apps. Instead, Palm went down a similar web app road. The Mojo SDK has much better device APIs than the original iPhone web SDK did (iPhone 3.0 has remedied much of that) but it's still very primitive and limited compared to a good native SDK.

    I think Palm hitched their wagon to the wrong train, and the current crop of apps show it very plainly. Time will tell if web apps pay off for webOS. My bet is that we'll see a native/hybrid SDK at some point, or webOS will slowly fade into the background.
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    I'll say this, I had to pull my old mogul out today for some old phone numbers. And after seeing all the contact options i had then fooling around in it some more, I think the pre is way behind. Yeah it has a pretty os, that handles multitasking on the front, but thats it. The webos is no where near as deep, as a true smart phones. The only thing that has spoiled me on the pre, is the user friendlyness. But it actually doesn't do anything special, other than multi task up front. I do enjoy it though. When I have reception, anyway.
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    How about getting a different phone if you're all so unhappy.
    Or wait a few more months for updates and stop whinning.

    If then the "basics" you absolutely "need" haven't been fixed then throw your phone on the floor and teach it how to properly [complaint here] with your foot. Wipe your sweat away, get a droid, and take pride in how you just killed palm and starved all it's employees' families.
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    I agree with everyone's frustration with apps and the SDK, I just don't think Palm had time on its side. It was delay launch (a year) and come out with a better SDK and a better initial set of apps, and compete with much stiffer competition or release a semi beta phone, with weaker apps and SDK, but at a time when they could gain market share. I guarantee if Palm would have waited, as much as I like Palm, I would have an Android phone right now and would be hard press to even consider Palm. But I understand the frustration with the state of apps/SDK.
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