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    Video original made by PDAExpertos México PDA [Palm]

    He was little excited and made a mistake at the beginnig mentioned January 27th instead of Nov 27th as telcel Pre launch. We are humans.

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    Well, after some vicissitudes, we have the Palm Pre GSM .at last.

    This equipment , long waited around here. It was not available soon, just in Mexico Federal Distrit. In short time Telcel called me to tell the disponibilty all around the Republic of Mexico, with full plans.

    I had to pay for this equipment, because I had a plan with my last year iphone June launched on Telcel .

    The full equipment has a price on Telcel of 8.000 mexican pesos and fraction. Don´t remember exactly the price But it is around 8.300 to 8.600 pesos, ($653.15 TO $676.76) I had to pay today 6.247 pesos ( $491.59)

    They gave me a discount, because of my acumulated BLUE POINTS.

    As you can see the box comes in full spanish. And something I am seeing, and took my attention is that the equipment is imported directly by Palm Computing Mexico. Before the equipments were imported by (not understoodable) and ingelmichael .

    The box is Treo Pro identical and with the Palm Pre CDMA version.

    Whats in the box?

    The equipment was a little touches. It was battery charged in Telcel.

    Don´t know what else they did to it.

    In the last Palm equipment I have seen this paper easy pull corner.

    The usb charger that we knew before with the Treo 800. It comes in some versions like this.
    If we compared it with the usb charger of the Pixi , this last is smaller than the Pre s

    The usb cable , sync but It syncs now by the cloud.

    Earphones nothing exceptional.

    The battery and the traditional pouch , whic is suposed to clean the equipment screen.

    Lets start it up, It has some tricky to open . I have this tool for that I bought for my iphone.
    You can use a credit card either. Those are normal noises.

    Ok The phone is open . I am placing the battery first, before to show a interesting small detail.

    We place the battery . Here it has an illustration that shows how to insert the sim card.
    And here you can see something we have been asking before. I am zoom the camera correcttly to see it perfectly.

    That drwa over her doesn´t illustrate an expansion bahia micro sd ( micro sd card slot) . Illustrates how must be palced the sim card.

    We can see it closely , No space for any sd card.

    I reboot it. Here is the video (Have Fun) same in CDMA version. Something funny it shows EVDO instead of 3G.
    Your Palm Pre
    Consult on the phone Help icon for obtaining more information. Have Fun .
    This start delay is not exclusive of Palm It happens with other phones too. With the HCT Hero, HTC Pro 2,the BB Storm. Same thing happened.

    Well, We have the Palm Pre GSM here, working on the Telcel network
    Lets see what the launcher brings in Pdf reader,Docs reader . Thats is it what the Palm Pre brings .

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