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    Many of the new apps in the App Catalog are not having their ratings updated for me. This includes Topple Ball and Friendsbook.

    In directory view, they show no stars. In each new app's main page, there are no stars and "0 Ratings". But when I actually tap on "Ratings" I see a whole bunch of reviews and ratings that people have given.

    Anyone else noticing this? Those two apps have been out for a couple days already.
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    same here. been like that for weeks now.
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    Yeah I am seeing the same thing !
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    Still the same for me. I think this hurts the App Catalog, including sales. If this is a server-side issue, Palm needs to fix this.
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    Sad to see apps(like Topple Ball) not getting the recognition they deserve.
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    yeah, I emailed my Palm handler. She said that is sounds like a serious bug and that she entered a ticket in with a "critical" priority level. This was Thursday afternoon. It didn't seem like she was aware of the issue. Here's to hoping it gets fixed next week.

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