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    Since the Pre does not connect to an ad-hoc network for some reason, I started digging for another solution to connect my Pre to the Internet using WiFi (I don’t have a WiFi Router). Here is what you need:

    -Pre obviously
    -Windows 7
    -Intel WiFi card with the latest drivers installed!

    Microsoft “introduced” Virtual Wifi with Windows 7, well they didn’t make it official yet, since it only works with the latest Intel WiFi cards, but the foundation is laid and hidden in Windows 7. It creates a virtual WiFi adapter that acts like an actual WiFi Router. You can activate Virtual Wifi by opening the cmd console and typing in the following:

    netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=Palm key=letmein9 keyUsage=persistent
    netsh wlan start hostednetwork

    Hit [Enter]
    This code will create a Virtual Adapter named “Palm” which is secured by the password “letmein9”. You should see this adapter in the control panel under the Network tab. Now you need to share your Internet connection with that new adapter. Go to the control panel and look for your real Network adapter. Right click it and select Properties. Go to the sharing tab and activate network sharing. In the drop down box select the Virtual WiFi. Now your new virtual Router should be ready to go!

    To stop the virtual adapter type into cmd:

    netsh wlan stop hostednetwork

    To make this process easier I created two .bat files “Virtual WiFi ON” and “Virtual WiFi OFF”. I put the .bat file that turns WiFi on in the Autostart folder of my computer, so the virtual “Palm” adapter appears automatically after each boot (remember to turn on your real WiFi adapter itself).

    Have fun with this
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    Would this work for other devices too - like a ZuneHD?
    I'll try this out when I get home this evening. Thanks!
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    Is this different in any way from connectify?
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    drannel - I tried this and it didn't work. However, now I have the virtual wifi device in my device manager and it keeps reappearing even if I uninstall it. The problem is that when that device is active, my internet stops working.

    do you have an entry for the command prompt that will remove the virtual adapter permanently?
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    if you have the LATEST Intel Wifi drivers installed it should work. The virtual wifi device, that shows up in your device manager is part of that driver, but is hidden and deactivated by default. All this script does is activate the network.

    Connectify does exactly the same thing, but with a pretty interface. You can easily edit the .bat files, so there's no need for an additional program on you computer.
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    Wow, this is an amazing find! I myself have been wondering how I could go about doing this, now I've found the secret! I have an Atheros wireless card and it worked seamlessly. I live in a college dorm and the University's Wifi is pretty weak in my room, so I just plug my laptop into the Wlan port and now use the virtual wifi to broadcast to my mobile devices (ipod, Pixi). This is so much better than an ad-hoc network. Thanks!
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    a lot of thanks pal this works on my pixi.

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