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    Can everyone help me?
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    Are you asking

    How do I go to the next song with the screen locked?

    Start by installing the most popular Homebrew app: Music Player (Remix).

    Then you just click the song forward button.

    I will rewrite the thread title assuming that is the question.

    - Craig
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    you just press the forward button while the phone is locked. this works on the standard-issue palm music player as well, not just the music player remix.
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    I know this was supposed to come with one of the updates, but it has never worked for me either...even with remix. when my screen is locked I get no controls on the screen
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    But what is forward button? softbutton or hardbutton?
    Can palm pre shake to shuffle?
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    You might have to enable the "show notifications while locked" function in the Screen & Lock app to display the mini-player which appears whenever the phone's screen is turned on yet the phone is locked. It appears as a notification bar on the bottom of the screen with album art, current song, previous song, next song, and play/pause controls. You must have either the original Palm music player or Remix music player running (playing or not doesn't matter).

    You can control the mini-player through the lock screen so you can turn on your Pre and hit "next song" to switch songs. There are also various patches to improve the functionality of switching songs through the stock headphones as well.

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    on 1.2.1 it gave the option to advance while screen is locked. You just have to pushe the >> button.
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    also, if your using the headphones that came with your phone, you can just press the button twice
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    Thanks,very good if palm pre can "shake to shuffle"

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