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    Hi, I recently purchased a Palm Pre, and I've been using it for 2 weeks now. And I got some questions...:

    1 - First I would like to know if it's possible to transfer my contacts from the phone to the SIM or from the SIM to the phone.

    2 - I would also please know if there's a way to edit the camera configuration, because I've noticed that the camera makes moreless 2000x1500px big photos, and I would like to know if that can be reduced.

    3 - I've also noticed that sometimes my Palm Pre slows down and sometimes the Touchscreen does not answer. I mean, I'm in the launcher, and the screen freezes for a few seconds... what could be the reason?

    4 - Is there a way to restrict the contacts that are shown? I mean, I added my Gmail and Facebook account, but in my Gmail account I gor moreless 500 contacts, and in my Facebook accound moreless 150, and they all appear in the contacts list... Is there no way to sync just the contacts I want to sync? I mean, I add a contact, add his name, numer and e-mail, and according to this the contact is syncronized with his facebook and/or Gmail account. Because it's a little bit annoying to have 600 contacts in my list, and need the be searching every time...

    I hope anyone can answer me.

    Thanks in advance, Kevin.
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    Kevin, first off congratulations on the phone. To answer your questions:

    1. If the phone is a US phone then there is no SIM card. I cannot answer as to the Pre's with SIM cards but my expectation is that you cannot transfer any data to it. All data in sync'd in the cloud.

    2. There is no on-phone editing software or resolution adjustment. Edit them from your PC through the USB connection.

    3. That does sometimes happen and is likely when the phone is "busy" doing something you cannot monitor. If it becomes and issue, and it has been worse since 1.3.1, reboot the phone.

    4. Not yet. Unfortunately there is no contact filtering on the Pre. Hopefully this will change.

    Good luck and enjoy the phone.
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    1. What company do you have your phone on? If it's Sprint, you don't have a sim card to begin with. If it's O2, I'm not sure.

    2. Not that I know of.

    3. Sometimes it just lags. There is a patch that helps alleviate that lag though--the smartreflex patch.

    4. Again, not yet. There are rumors that it will be coming in a future web OS update.

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