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    Perex I am also in the same boat but still using 755P and testing Pre for last 3 weeks (very happy with Pre for the most part), so what I was about to do is transfer all my contacts to the Pre but going to use Google for backup along with Palm (2nd backup since you can't check if info is really there how can you count on it really being there). I already decided I am not counting on palm to have my backup info but will be nice in case Google fails (servers are wiped which I hope is remote chance only would happen at end of world). What you said about having your old phone that needed replaced, than sprint Bricked it-- is really scary.

    What does this board think happens to my info which will be transferred from Acces/Treo to Pre this weekend -- all my contacts, note, calender etc moved over from 755p. When done I want to swap SPrint phone numbers from Treo to Pre.I plan on calling SPrint to flip my business number on 755p with my now fully running PRE in sync with Google. Does anyone see me having issues since I will be using same email address as my identifier with Palm/Pre. Palm support said I should call them to update notes about what my new Pre number is but thought I had no issues going this route. I also have 500-700 contacts that I sync every day with Palm Access on the desktop (which is backed up) but I would be close to being out of business if I lost those contact/notes info? I guess they will always be there on my PC from date of transfer--losing my notes would be scary also?

    How can palm not give us business guys the ability to back up everything on PRE to desktop or to professional cloud back up service like Rhino etc. DUDE you scared me with your story for sure.
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    check out the missing sync. there are 3rd party sync clients.
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    I have seen these from Motion apps etc. I see your posts other places and your seem like a smart guy. THese 3rd party apps maybe able to transfer contacts but how the hell do I back them up. I am good since I am using google but 9 out of 10 my fellow business associates would buy the Pre and expect Palm to provide a seemless back up experience--they don't now about google except for maybe owning stock (they should it is such a cool experience). So don't bash us biz guys for not being geeks. Palm needs to give us better backup functions for our valuable contact, memo data. I am in security and want blowfish/AES type encryption offered as well by Palm not a third party app--BBerry has this why not Palm. Who has more money to spend with Palm a teenager or a middle age business guy?
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